Department of Architecture
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Department of ArchitectureKobe University


Architecture is eminently universal field of learning, concerning the creation of housing, architectural facilities, - basis of human life. In order to respond to both universal and up-to-date architectural problems, it is necessary not only to study basic fields of architecture (design and planning, structural engineering, environmental engineering) but also to synthesize them for spatial and temporal design problems. Department of architecture, Kobe University aims to produce talent who can correspond synthetically to contemporary architectural challenges by educating with specialty and synthesis.

Spatial Design Division

Synthetic and practical education and research for the creation of space:

Architectural and Urban Design, Housing and Community Design, Structural Engineering and Design Building Management

Architectural Planning Division

Basic education and research of the architectural design:

History and Theory of Architecture, Theory of Historical Environments, Planning Theory of Built Environment, Urban and Architectural Safety Planning

Engineering of Building Structures Division

Education and research for the safety of buildings in the case of earthquakes, improvement of building materials and structural systems:

Structural Performance Engineering, Structural Control in Dynamics, Structural Systems Engineering

Architectural Environmental Engineering Division

Education and research on analysis, control and planning of architectural and urban environment:

Planning of Acoustical and Lighting Environments, Thermal Environmental Planning, Planning of Urban Environment and M & E Services


1921 Dec.

Dept.of Architecture, Kobe Technical College established. It provided one of the oldest architectural studies in Japan.

1944 Apr.

Kobe Technical College renamed to Kobe College of Technology.

1949 May

Kobe College of Technology unified into Kobe University. Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering opened.

1976 Apr.

Department of Environmental Planning opened.

1992 Apr.

Reorganization into Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

2007 Apr.

Reorganization into Department of Architecture.

International Exchange

The department has an international exchange program for architectural studies. Many foreign students are accepted for undergraduate and graduate program as regular students and as visiting research students. Both Government Scholarship students and privately sponsored students are accepted. To be a regular student, students are required to pass an entrance examination testing their knowledge in specific academic fields. Most of the foreign students studied here, went back to their country when they complete the program, and have been successful due to the experience they obtained during their stay at the University.

We have exchange programs in conjunction with the University of Washington(UW), Seattle, U.S.A., and Tanjin University(TU), Tanjin, China. Both programs started in1980. More than ten graduate students were sent to the UW, and more than ten graduate students from the UW accepted in the department. We also accepted several doctoral students from TU. We continuously and actively seek ways to contribute to international collaboration.